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I bought a house from the 50s. Walls stones 40cm. Heated with electricity I ask myself questions about the insulation: 1.of the exterior walls of the house seen from the inside. 2. From the floor, where I have dilapidated tiles to change side cellar on one side and pine parquet on crawl space. I want to isolate, but what to do? The walls is it necessary? The soil, how? an insulating reassembly before new tiles ??? Can you help me. Thank you. I did: Change insulating windows and doors, cellulose wadding in the attic, insulation floor kitchen by the cellar with "Roofmate" but I find that it is not enough.

Congratulations, the solutions you are considering are good!

However, it is essential to also isolate the walls, either from the inside, or - which would be ideal - from the outside.

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