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My house has an outdoor chimney flue, bushel 30x50 cm inside, with external lining in 10 cm agglos, topped with 6 posts of 20 cm high and flat concrete cap. I piped the stainless steel hose diameter 150 m / m a skin and an aluminum plate at the top around the stainless steel tube sealed with mastic glue refractory. I have a lot of wet soot on the chimney outside. Is it condensation and that you advise me to remedy this problem.

I advise you to involve a professional because the casing of the ducts is subject to strict safety standards. It is always necessary to review the existing duct before the tuber and of course to clean it. I can not remotely determine the cause of your problem in a precise way, always is that such a phenomenon should not happen if the casing had been made in the rules of art. A lack of ventilation between the casing and the flue seems to be the cause.
Have this installation checked by a professional. You can also consult our fact sheet on the solutions of casing to renovate a chimney.

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