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Foundations are essential for the stability and durability of a home. But they have a cost that will depend on several factors. Here are some elements that will allow you to evaluate the bill and perhaps to lower it.

Foundations of a home: what to take into account

The price for the foundations of a house will depend mainly on the type of construction and the terrain. Indeed, the nature of the soil can cause difficulties and additional work. Clay soil, for example, will require deeper foundations to provide stability. A seismic or flood-prone area requires special intervention. As for the house itself, different elements can vary the price. Firstly its area but also its shape or the number of floors. Elements such as the addition of a basement or a crawl space are also to be taken into account.

A simple mathematical rule applies: the more we add weight, the more important the foundations are.

As needed, there is three types of foundations:

1. superficial: about 1 meter
2. semi-deep: between 2 to 5 meters
3. deep: beyond 6 meters

Foundation of a house: the work to be planned

Before starting the foundation work of a house, a geologist expert must intervene to do a field study. It will determine the necessary depth and the type of foundations in relation to the ground. You have to count between 1,000 and 1,500 euros for his intervention. Do not forget to file a building permit and take into account the authorities' response time.

The establishment of the foundations is then done in several stages. Excavation, earthworks, and reinforcement and pouring of foundations are carried out first. Specialized machines are needed as well as standard materials. Waste disposal is also a cost. The prices of a professional for all the works vary between 100 and 200 € / m3. These prices are H.T. and depend on the region and access difficulties.

One may tend to think that doing the work yourself is cheaper. In the case of the foundations of a house, this is not the case. The job on which it is not possible to save is the geologist. You can not do your own field study yourself.

Then, to carry out the work, you will need for gear, tools and specific materials that you have to know how to handle. You will pay for the rates dedicated to individuals, while a professional enjoys advantageous prices on all products, besides you can lower the price by comparing work quotes. The season of full activity is spring and summer because the concrete dries more quickly. But choosing some quieter periods for entrepreneurs can still negotiate the downward bill.

Price summary table for the foundations of a house

Type of foundationEstimated price
superficialFrom 80 to 200 € / m3
Semi-deep or deepBetween 160 and 1000 € / m3
CrawlspaceAbout 150 € / m3
Geologist interventionBetween 1000 and 1500 €

The prices of the professionals are calculated in m3 and are understood HT.
Rates given only as an indication.

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