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Floor heating has clearly gained momentum in recent years: more environmentally friendly, it also reduces its heating bill by 15%! But before opting for this type of heating, it is good to be interested in the price of installing a floor heating.

Underfloor heating: electric or water system?

There are two types of underfloor heating:

  • The electric underfloor heating, which works with a heating cable arranged over the entire floor. This cable is connected to the mains, and diffuses by radiation a soft and homogeneous heat in the house.
  • And hydraulic floor heating (or water), consisting of a network of tubes in which water will flow in a closed circuit, since the tubes are connected to the central heating of the house.

Electric underfloor heating: cheaper to install than hydraulic underfloor heating...

Regarding the price of the installation, the electric underfloor heating proves to be less expensive than the hydraulic heating.

Indeed, the price of the installation of an electric underfloor heating returns to about 40 € / m². In addition, its installation is the easiest to implement, and the electric underfloor heating requires almost no maintenance.

This is why this system is most often chosen during a renovation.

The price of installing a water heater is higher: between € 70 and € 100 / m², with laying work that will be longer and much more expensive. Not to mention the interview: a revision per year minimum, which will cost about 100 €.

This is why hydraulic underfloor heating is always considered as part of a new construction, never for a renovation.

... but more expensive for consumption!

Even if the price of installing an electric heater is less than for a water heater, this is not the only criterion to take into account before making your choice!

Indeed, it is also necessary to compare the energy consumption of an electric floor heating compared to a hydraulic floor heating.

And, we note that although the water floor heating represents a very important investment, it is however this system that proves the most economical in the long term. Because whatever the energy used to make it work (gas, wood, fuel), it will always cost less than to heat with electricity, the most expensive energy to date.

Especially as to save money, most people do not install floor heating in all rooms of the house; but only in the living rooms, and they add extra heating in rooms where necessary.

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