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Main frame of a building, the frame is a major element of your roof, and your home as a rule. Hence the importance of renovation or repair in case of damage. Focus on the renovation price of a framework.

How is the price of renovating a carpentry calculated?

For the definition of the renovation price of a framework, many elements and factors are taken into account. It is in this sense difficult to define a range, fixed and real, the price of work. It all depends of course on the importance of the damage as well as:

  • the price of materials, including coating materials,
  • the repair surface and its shape,
  • of the laying of the elements,
  • professional intervention (hourly rate and possible travel expenses)

Note: there are traditional carpentry industrial framing. Traditional frameworks are composed of elements usually made to measure for a specific roof while industrial frameworks are composed of prefabricated elements. The costs of building and repairing the traditional carpentry are higher than the costs of building and repairing the industrial structure.

Estimated professional rates

It should not be forgotten that only estimates made by professionals building must be taken into account. Indeed, whether for the construction, renovation or repair of a framework, only a professional can estimate the scope of the work to be carried out and the cost of this work depending of course on these rates and its scope intervention.

Before starting construction, repair or renovation work, we advise you to ask the opinion of several professionals.

Inspection cheaper than repair!

A regular inspection of your frame, and all the elements that constitute it, as well as light talks, will cost you less than to undertake major repairs. It is therefore advisable to carry out regular inspection and maintenance of the structure.