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After the creation of a concrete slab, pour a concrete screed to install the final floor covering. What are the prices of the different screeds?

What is a concrete screed?

The concrete screed is not actually concrete but mortar: cement, water and sand. There are two types of screeds: the traditional screed, perfect for small surfaces and the liquid screed, ideal for large surfaces and indoor screeds.
The screed is the link between the concrete slab and the coating that you want to lay on the ground. It provides a flat and smooth raw surface that can be used for a garage, terrace or cellar. The screed allows to lay a coating on the floor (parquet, carpet or tiles), to serve thermal insulation (in the case of a heated floor) andprevent water infiltration.

The price for a concrete screed depends on several factors:

  • The surface to be covered and the thickness of the screed
  • The type of screed: traditional or fluid
  • The accessibility of the site

The price of a concrete screed

The smaller the area to be covered, the higher the cost of the screed. Similarly, if the site is difficult to access, you will need a truck spinning carpet or pump, accessories that increase the final price of the screed.

The traditional screedIt is made by a bricklayer, a tiler or a chapist. It must be poured and leveled by hand. Labor is therefore an important part of the price of the screed. The average price is 20 to 25 € / m² for a thickness of 3 cm - 25 to 30 € / m2 for a thickness of 5cm. The price also includes seals and polyane film.

Fluid screedit is performed by a chapist. Its implementation is simple because the screed is distributed and leveled automatically. The mixture is conditioned in a concrete batching plant and delivered ready for use at home by truck. The price of the screed may increase if your yard is not accessible by truck.

  • The fluid cement screed: its composition is identical to a traditional screed to which plasticizer plasticizer is added. Its price varies between 18 and 25 € / m².
  • Fluid anhydrite screedIt contains anhydrite and silicates. The average price for a fluid screed with polyane film and sanding is about € 20 / m² for a surface of 100m² (a little more for a lower surface).

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