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Window replacement is an important budget. Renovation work most often respond to the wear of windows that have had their day. The insulation coefficient and the energy savings are then determining factors. What to take into account to determine an average price?

Window replacement: various aspects of renovation

As part of the sustainable developmentin the event of renovation of your windows, you benefit automatically, a reduced VAT rate at 5.5% provided you go through a craftsman. You can also be encouraged by various aids such as the sustainable development tax credit, the zero-rate eco-loan and the government bonuses.

These points should be checked first and can guide your choice. It should also be aware that the replacement of a window necessarily implies removal fees of the old model.

The next step is to decide on the joinery material. These are composed of a dormant frame or part integrated with the masonry. The opening frame or movable part is fixed by hinges with rotating movement and includes glazing.

Unavoidable: material, glazing and installation costs of a new window

The total price differs if you choose PVC, the cheapest material, the value wood requiring regular maintenance or the design and robust aluminum with the highest cost.

The quotient thermal insulation for double glazing, and phonic and thermal when it comes to triple glazing also influences the final price. In general, it is necessary to add 40% to the price of double glazing to obtain that of triple glazing.

remain laying costs which vary according to the masonry work to be done or not. This to possibly adapt the new window to the dimensions of the opening.

Price examples:

  • The price of an ideal window change (without retouching) is usually between 150 € and 250 €.
  • The price of a window change with editing is generally higher than 250 €, and depend on the number of retouches required. If you think you are in this case, the ideal is to move the craftsman you have chosen.

Some offer it to you before establishing any estimate, with a travel package.

Price for a 1m by 1m window with double glazing, which has become the current standard:

Without installationWith laying
PVC window472 €526 €
Wooden window619 €673 €
Aluminum window994 €1048 €

For a more detailed rate, ask for a quotation windows revoation, it's free and without commitment!

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