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Christian, My son bought a house in May 2014 built forty years ago. On the occasion of the installation of an insert in early June 2015, the professional pointed out to them a problem of roof covering characterized by fragile tiles, which break easily, because friable not above (part exposed to bad weather) ) but below (part resting on the frame that crumbles). Apparently according to the heating engineer, it would be a problem of cooking tiles. In appearance this is not seen, if not different tiles on some parts of the roof, suggesting that tiles have been changed. The roof has a surface of 400m2, the cover is in scale tiles. The costs are therefore substantial and I would like to know if an appeal to the former owner is possible and if so what are the steps to be taken?

At the description of the problems, it is about tiles put in the years 75, a period where the tile makers, at the same time to produce more and to compete with the concrete tile, have, for some, limited the cooking of the tiles, with for result of frost-sensitive tiles and that disintegrate with time. For an appeal to succeed with a particular seller, it must be proven that there was "hidden defect". Out, it is likely that the seller was not aware of the tile degradationespecially if they did not cause leaks. An appeal against the former owner is therefore unlikely to succeed.

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