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I am writing to you about the following problem: I bought the house in 2013, the latter has a gas boiler for heating and domestic hot water. Finding a high consumption of gas and water I made a leak search by a plumber. He found that the leak was linked to a connection buried on hot water and cold water (we dug). Impossible to see during the purchase. I just saw it now in 2016. the house more than 10 years ago, I bought it through an agency. What are the possible remedies, Is it a hidden defect? Thank you in advance for your answer.

Regardless lack of fitting design incriminated, it seems very difficult to pass this for a hidden defect, and therefore known to the former owner. Because for there to be hidden vice, it must be possible to show that the former owner was aware of this leak and that he would have deliberately concealed it. However, if the defect is old, the energy performance diagnosis should have been affected, the overconsumption of heating then being revealed and inducing a bad ranking in the scale from A to G? In addition, if you took the precaution of asking for the consumables bills of the house (including the water bill) you should have noticed, again overconsumption.
Start a judicial process, may cause you to incur significant costs without result, because the judge will tell you that you had the means to see the abnormality of these consumptions... Navarre...

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