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We have buildable attics in our house and I have some questions about laying my wooden floor. The spacing between the joists is 60 cm and 90 cm but the latter is too wide to lay the particle plates. Our builder advised us to lay joists every 60 cm on the joists before fixing the chipboard. This solution seems to you viable? Are there other methods?

Your project makes sense but to answer you precisely, you should know the section of your joists... If, as I think you use panels of 19 or 22 mm thick, it would be better not to space the joists more than 45 cm, the joists can then be spaced 60 cm. This is subject to the possibility of anchoring the joists and the load that you plan to support this floor. It would be prudent to take advice from a professional on site (make a quote and get inspired by it).

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