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You plan to build your house and you have to make the plans? Know that the rate for the realization of the plans of a house vary according to the professional which you will have recourse, but also according to the type of plan and the complementary services which you choose.

What price for the realization of the plans of a house

What price for the realization of the plans of a house

House plans: an expert job that pays off

Before we look at the price of making a house plan, be aware that the plans of a house are a real record and require know-how and experience very particular. Indeed, if you ask a professional to make plans for your future home, it will offer you a complete file including the site plan of the land you have chosen, the plan of the facades, the plan of the roof, the cut plan of the land, the ground plan of the house as well as the sketch showing the construction inserted in its environment. So, you need to understand that a house plan does not just stop at a sketch that shows you the distribution and distribution of the different rooms: it is a technical and complex file that does indeed require the help and expertise of a professional, such as a building draftsman, architect or craftsman.

What are the elements that influence the price of a house plan?

You want to know the price of the realization of the plans of a house? To understand the price changes, you need to know that the service is based on different elements:

  • The price varies first depending on the professional you contact. Indeed, you can as well call on an architect as an independent designer or a craftsman in the building. Know that calling on an architect remains the most expensive but also the most reliable solution, since it can guarantee that your project is feasible and can help you adapt your project to the technical and regulatory constraints that are required;
  • The type of plan you are going to apply also influences the rate, since you can request a custom-made, original and fully customized house plan that will be more expensive, or a standard house plan that will require less work and will be less expensive;
  • Finally, know that professionals offer different types of servicesYou can ask for the simple realization of the plans of your house, but you can also ask the professional so that the latter constitutes entirely the file of building permit. To use this service, you will have to pay a little more.

The prices of a house plan

The prices of the house plans vary according to different criteria, but you can rely on these few benchmarks to get an idea of ​​the price that it will generate:

  • If you want the plans ofa standardized house and without any additional benefit, you will have to rely approximately 200 €;
  • If you want standardized house plans but also including the constitution of the building permit file, you will have to count between 500 and 1,000 € on average;
  • If you want the plans ofa tailor-made house and also including the building permit application, count between 800 and 1,200 € on average;
  • If you want to use an architect for the realization of the plans of your house, you will then have to count between 2,000 and 4,000 € on average.

Also ask about the fees of an architect!

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