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To enhance the security of a door, we immediately think "multi-point lock", "door shutter" or "steel door". And we often forget the threshold bar, which has many advantages...

A threshold bar, what is it?

As its name implies, a threshold bar is fixed on the threshold of a door, between the floor and the bottom of the door. It is also useful for "connecting" two separate rooms with a door or a bare space.

A threshold bar is therefore not mandatory, but constitutes a additional reinforcement for a door.

Usually, the threshold bars are electro-galvanized sheet metal. But they can blend in with the decor of the house, we can also find in wood, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, or PVC.

A threshold bar, why?

A threshold bar has three main functions: insulation, security, and aesthetics.

Insulation to start; have a threshold bar allows indeed to prevent air from seeping under the door. And fighting against heat loss means saving on heating!

And that's not all: a threshold bar, blocking access between the door and the floor, prevents a burglar does not force the door with a crowbar. A threshold bar also makes it possible to reinforce the anchoring point of a multi-point lock.

The threshold bar, in addition to our protection, also protects our door: thanks to it, more risks that the door does not stop against the ground and is damaged. It also ensures an aesthetic cohesion between the interior and exterior floors of the door, as well as a level cohesion.

Threshold bar: price and installation

Threshold bars can be found in the shops starting from 10 €. But obviously, at this price, the quality will be less than on an aluminum model at 200 €!

Moreover, for an optimal installation, it is recommended to buy its threshold bar at the same time as the door, history that the compatibility is certified.

Regarding the installation, it is not too complicated: you can either opt for a self-adhesive threshold bar which does not require any construction site. Or choose a more solid installation, opting for a screw threshold bar, which we will obviously screw in the ground.

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