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A workmanship is not always apparent at first glance and may arise up to several years after the receipt of the work. Fortunately, various guarantees protect the owner and offer him the opportunity to turn against the manufacturer even after several years. Find out what the deadlines are for finding a faulty work and getting a repair of the damage.

What are the deadlines for finding a defect?

What are the deadlines for finding a defect?

The apparent defects, what delays to see them?

If during the inspection visit, you notice apparent defects, let the builder know about it and mention it in the minutes. Indeed, to obtain a repair of apparent defects, it is only during this visit that you will be able to win your case. If you sign the minutes without making any reservation, the works are deemed accepted and you will not be able to demand repairs. However, an exception exist. If you attend the visit without being accompanied by a building expert, you have a additional 8 days to notice a defect even after signing the minutes.

The case of hidden defects

It is not uncommon to see cracks appear in the walls or to notice after several months that your boiler works badly. If these problems occur during the first year following the acceptance of the work, you can operate the guarantee of perfect completion. At the end of this year, you can always see a defect and obtain repair by running the biennial or ten-year warranty. The two-year warranty has a duration of 2 years and offers you the possibility to note any malfunction of equipment such as doors, windows or VMC. The ten-year guarantee, meanwhile, has a duration 10 years and covers only damage that compromises the strength of the building or renders it uninhabitable. You have until 10 years after the reception of the work to note a defect.

Once the defects have been found, you must notify the manufacturer by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. If he refuses to carry out the repairs or does not respond to your mail, you can put him in default to carry out the work and bring justice as a last resort. Although an amicable remedy is always preferable, some builders require you to go through a court.

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