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Bathroom, kitchen, laundry, toilets are the wet rooms par excellence. They must withstand splashing, sometimes flooding due to a faulty washing machine, such as condensation. Which wall coverings are suitable for these sensitive parts?

What wall covering for wet rooms?

What wall covering for wet rooms?

Classic wall coverings for wet rooms

Tiling is the favorite of wet rooms: kitchens like bathrooms. Easy to maintain, resistant and waterproof, the tiles come in all shapes and colors: wide tile, mosaic, plain or patterned...
However, care must be taken to accompany this material with SPEC (protection system with water under tiles) to ensure perfect impermeability.

Painting is so obvious a solution that one would tend to forget it. Of course you have to choose a special painting. Manufacturers compete with imagination to offer odorless products, with short drying times, sometimes single layer. All you have to do is choose the shade and appearance, smooth, matte or grained. To your brushes and rollers.
To know. There are paintings that can cover the tile, in case it does not please you.

Wallcoverings "trendy" for wet room

Woodfor a long time excluded wet rooms because considered too sensitive finally makes its appearance. Following the example of Scandinavian saunas, today it is treated and brings a warm note to any kitchen or bathroom. Treated in English, the wood can also play the ambiances "club, so British".

The wallpaper considered old is back. Do not confuse "kitchen" wallpapers, that is, paper-coated coatings coated with a vinyl layer, and washable wallcoverings with enamelled surface on stabilized PVC support. These have a good seal and a high resistance to shocks and heat. United or with a grainy surface, imitating marble or stone, they are classified M1 (not easily flammable) and sold in general with a width of 1 m or 70 cm.

Must present, the wall panels composed of composite wood high density, also called HPL. They are applied against dilapidated, tiled or painted walls to camouflage them and fix themselves easily. If the patterns do not appeal to you, brushed aluminum, lacquered or metallic is a beautiful design effect.

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