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That's it, the installation of our underfloor heating is complete. There is only one step left: the laying of the floor covering of our heated floor. But there is hesitation: between wood, stone, tiles, polished concrete, soft floors... which one to choose?

The most suitable flooring for a heated floor: tiles and natural stone

In the "best flooring for a heated floor" family, we ask... tiling, and stone.

Indeed, these two materials represent the best heat conductors, and are therefore particularly recommended for a heated floor; because the more the material will drive the heat, the less you will need to increase the thermostat.

Result: better performance, and energy savings!

Wood: a possible coating, but under certain conditions

Put a nice wooden floor as a coating for underfloor heating, it's tempting, but you have to be careful.

Wood is indeed a material that has good insulating qualities. Not really the ideal when you put on a system of diffusion by radiation, because the wood will tend to slow down the heat transfer. Especially the massive parquet, that's why the thickness should never exceed 15mm.

However, manufacturers have made efforts, and we now find floors with weak thermal resistance.

Second remark: as floating floors have a sub-layer of insulating air, we will choose a glued floor if we want wood as a coating for underfloor heating.

Flexible floors: vigilance required!

Carpet, laminate floors, and lino are much more economical to purchase. But before choosing a soft floor as a floor covering for a heated floor, keep in mind that:

  • The carpet is a suitable coating and has a favorable technical opinion. However, it has insulating qualities, so it is still necessary to learn about the thermal conductivity of the model chosen to be sure that the heat can spread.
    In addition, choosing carpeting as a floor covering for a heated floor means exposure to VOCs (volatile organic compounds) amplified with heat.
  • Laminate floors only work with hydraulic floor heating, not with electric underfloor heating.
  • Linoleum sticks very easily on a heated floor. But may release from use a strong odor (unpleasant but not harmful) that will fade and then disappear.

The polished concrete: the false good idea?

The polished concreteit is very trendy, and yes, it can be placed on a heated floor.

But if the polished concrete will not pose a problem in terms of the conductivity of heat, things go wrong when it comes to the resistance of the polished concrete; Due to the heat emitted, there is a risk of expansion and cracking at ground level.

So unless you are very sure of it at the time of installation, you opt for a more reliable coating, such as tiles...

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