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You want to redo your bathroom? Pay attention to the coating you use! Not all coatings are suitable for wet rooms. You are told all about the coatings that you can use for your bathroom.


It is the most used upholstery in the bathroom. Indeed, it is very resistant to moisture and allows to express its creativity. You will find a wide choice of styles, colors and formats. Many possibilities exist to make your piece unique! Alternation of materials, colors or shapes, friezes, mosaics... let your imagination run wild! However, before buying your tile, make a detailed plan of your room and especially your walls and ask the advice of a specialist.

The painting

The paint is easily used in the bathroom. In addition, it allows to refresh the color of the walls without breaking the bank. However, the installation of paint requires preparation of the wall upstream. Indeed, in addition to the usual preparation (cleaning and sanding), it will treat the surface against moisture. To properly treat your walls, ask for advice from vendors in DIY stores, where you will also find special bathroom paints.


Want a rustic bathroom where heat and atmosphere reign? Opt for the wooden bathroom. However, it is essential to treat the wood against moisture, under penalty of unpleasant surprises (musty smell, white trances resembling saltpetre, blueing then blackening, structural deformation...).

The wallpaper

It is often wrongly thought that wallpaper and bathroom are incompatible. Yet, today there are washable wallpapers that are resistant to moisture. In addition, there are new ventilation systems on the market that can effectively combat this recurring problem. Note that this coating is particularly difficult to remove. So, if you like to change decorations regularly, move to another choice.

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