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I want to build the attic of my house which have a low height (1.80m at the done). For this, I plan to lay the wool laid today on the slab and to achieve the insulation of the house only by the roof (and outer walls peripheral). Thin insulation has been discouraged by many artisans because of its low efficiency. Nevertheless, I saw on the catalog of a large do-it-yourself brand that there was an insulation (Tri iso super 12 Actis) that benefits from a technical opinion issued by BM TRADA certification. Tested under the airtight conditions of the RT2012, the TRISO-SUPER 12 would meet the requirements of the RT2012 in terms of airtightness and thermal performance (equivalent to an insulation of R = 5.25 m² K / W): Thin reflective insulation type TRISO-SUPER 12 from ACTIS, 35 mm thick with offset edges. Thermal performance under technical evaluation equivalent to 210 mm mineral wool λD = 0.04, R = 5.25 m².K / W. Permeability to water vapor Sd> 100 m, Reaction to fire Euroclass F. Roll of 16 m² What do you think?

The debate on measuring the insulating qualities of thin reflective products remains to be decided. In France, to date, the reference remains that of the CSTB (Scientific and Technical Building Center), which does not recognize these products as "insulators" and disputes the equivalence given by their fabicants. This is the reference of CSTB and the certification of ACERMI (Association for the Certification of Insulating Materials) which are taken into account for the allocation of tax credits (ISCED). Remedies have been brought by some manufacturers of thin products reflecting against the CSTB and against some manufacturers of traditional fibrous insulation products.

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