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In order to install a wood stove to position in an unused fireplace, in an old stone house in Charente. Do you have to pipe the chimney with stainless steel and enamelled steel pipes? How to keep the heat so that it does not escape through the duct? Should we pass the tube between two metal plates and make sure that above these plates there is glass wool (non-combustible) which would act as thermal insulation as for a roof in order to keep the heat in the room? What are the precautions to take for this kind of assembly and above all, is it feasible and compliant?

The solution you propose prevents any ventilation of the duct. In addition, you may have condensation and boring phenomena along the pipe. This is to be deprecated, including vis-à-vis your insurance in case of fire. On the other hand, today there are extremely efficient duct heat recovery units that also allow the heat to be distributed in different rooms on the floor or on the ground floor.

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