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One of my children built a BBC house with bricks for 2 winters; its heating only starts when it is -10° outside and it is 22° permanently in its rooms. Today, a house sale company offers my daughter a BBC concrete house. What is the difference between these two constructions? I do not trust these houses BBC concrete banché. Am I wrong?

A wall in reinforced concrete being very insulating, will necessarily be supplemented by insulating doublings much more important and powerful than those necessary for the alveolar brick. Bonded concrete, as well as brick or block, are not "BBC" per se. They are the constituents of a building, with their qualities and their limits, and it is all the elements of this construction - structural work, insulation, joinery, ventilation systems, heating system, etc... - that will make 'a house will be BBC or not. So there is no need to worry about a concrete project.

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