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I want to make a wall of plaster tiles to define my open kitchen and thus put on this one a bar plan. Is it the right material and how to fix the plan on the wall (glue, plaster, fixing)?

The choice of plaster tile is consistent, provided that the plateau provided for the bar construction do not be too broad. This remark is not only technical, it is also aesthetic. Indeed, the partition will consist of plaster tiles with a thickness of 7 cm. It is therefore necessary that the plateau set up above remains in a realistic relationship, both in terms of aesthetics and mechanical strength. A width of 25 cm seems to be a maximum. For fixing, the tray collage using a cartridge polyurethane glue gives very good results.
If the width of the tray must be greater, it is always possible to double the thickness of the wall, knowing that the reduced cost of the plaster tiles should not be an obstacle to this second possibility.
An alternative would be to use not gypsum blocks but larger cellular concrete blocks with no significant increase in weight.

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