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What means can be implemented to eliminate moisture in a ground floor?

I own a house built in 2006 without crawl space and semi-buried, and I have since a few years, the presence of moisture on the ground floor where there are rooms to live. Having repeatedly appealed to the decennial guarantee, nothing moves, and as I am desperate about the situation, I go back to you to know the various sustainable ways to make this property waterproof.

Semi-underground houses, by definition without crawlspace, are often exposed to capillary rises. Make sure there is a waterproof coating on the outside of the buried walls. An arase band (according to DTU 20.12 and 31-2) must also be present. Normally you had to take out a Property Damage insurance (required). Play it to get the job done quickly without having to talk to the company that built your house
You can also have peripheral drainage done. A trench dug far from the walls will be filled with pebbles and sand and will accommodate perforated pipes (terracotta or PVC) to evacuate the overflow of water.

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