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I have a construction project for a new house on one level and about 95 m2. (3 bedrooms + garage built into the house). I consulted various builders and contractors who each propose a different heating mode under the RT 2012 law: gas boiler, pellet stove + radiators radiators, heat pump... Not being heating specialist I do not know what to choose, but I'm looking for a heating mode as profitable as possible over the period leaves to invest a little more in the beginning. I would like to know what type of heating you recommend for a new construction made in 2014?

A new house built according to the criteria of the RT2012 requires very reduced heating requirements. The region and the location also count. If the house is connectable to city gas, the gas boiler solution (condensing or not) seems the simplest, the most logical and the most economical in duration. The option pellet stove + radiators radiators can be economically valid, with the advantage of a reduced maintenance, but with the constraint of a daily recharging in pellets. The important investment is also to be taken into account. An air / water heat pump is also possible, for a reduced cost of use, subject to moving towards a quality material... and therefore expensive investment. In hot regions, this solution has the advantage of reversibility (heating / cooling). However, be careful with regions of extreme cold, the CAP loses its profitability when temperatures approach zero, and even more when they go negative.

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