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To save space, is baseboard heating effective? Is it only electric? In renovation, floor heating is it possible? If so, what precautions?

Many heating modes save space and get rid of conventional radiators. The electric baseboard heating is one of those solutions.

  • There are also hot water radiators of very low height, which are set up at the level of skirting boards.
  • The floor heating is possible in renovation, but imposes quite heavy work: demolition of the existing soil, realization of a slab, laying of the insulation and the network of heating, casting of a screed, installation of a new floor covering. The heating network installed on the ground can be hot water (connected to a boiler, a heat pump...) or electric. Underfloor heating with hot water, if connected to a heat pump, also makes it possible to operate in summer in "cooling" mode. It's not an air conditioning, but a simple way to maintain some comfort in the hottest periods.
  • You can also use a electric radiant heating by the ceiling, on frame.
  • Finally, the latest solution: heated windows (and mirrors).

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