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I recovered an old baby bed that I would like to repaint. Could you tell me a painting that would not run any risk to my child?

This question raises a real problem that needs to be dealt with seriously. First, never use old paint that may contain lead. Then, no painting is really devoid of harmful products. Even so-called "food" paints only prevent mold and the spread of pathogens. Overall, always prefer water phase paints (acrylic or vinyl) solvent-based paints and turn to "eco-certified" (logo with a € and a flower) or "bio" paintings. Allow a few weeks before bedtime for your child, until the solvents and VOCs evaporate completely.
Finally, if you are right to be cautious, I still want to point out that generations of children have been lying in cribs painted with classic paintings without consequences. Painting is often a cause for concern but have you checked the VOC content of the plastic pacifiers that babies are given frequently...?

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