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Complement a bathroom of plants is quite possible provided you choose them well. They must withstand heat variations as well as a high humidity. Here are 10 plant ideas that will please in a bathroom with some of the depolluting properties.

Which plants to choose for the bathroom?

Which plants to choose for the bathroom?

1) The orchid

Appreciating the light but not the direct sun as well as a humid atmosphere, the orchid will bring a natural and colorful decoration in your bathroom. Be careful however that it is not splashing water and avoid a bathroom without good ventilation. Pollutant decomposed by the butterfly orchid: carbon monoxide

2) The mother-in-law's tongue

The sansevière, or mother-in-law's tongue, is a green plant with green and yellow foliage who appreciates the warmth and humidity of a bathroom and does not need a lot of watering. This plant with purifying and depolluting properties rots in case of excess water.

3) The Boston fern

Although the Boston fern prefers a shady locationshe will nevertheless appreciate the morning rays of the winter sun. Watering should be regular to maintain a moist soil without exaggeration and with warm water. Eliminate pollutants such as formaldehyde or xylene.

4) Anthurium

Anthurium is an exotic plant with white or colored flowers which will find its place in the bathroom since it needs a high humidity. Against pollutants: ammonia, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde.

5) Ivy

The ivy is a drooping green plant easy to maintain and who will acclimatize easily in a bathroom. He likes light but hates direct exposure to sunlight. This plant decoration is effective against benzene and trichlorethylene.

6) Chlorophytum

The Chlorophytum can be placed or installed at a height for a falling effect. This spider plant with green leaves or greenish stripes likes humidity and light. Avoid placing chlorophytum near a heat source. Effective against all pollutants.

7) The ceropegia

The ceropegia goes well in both bright and dimly lit bathrooms. This green plant with heart-shaped leaves is worth its other name: heart chain. Perfect for beginners or those who do not have a green thumb, it only requires watering every 10 days when the soil is dry.

8) The senecio

The senecio is a drooping succulent plant which does not require a lot of maintenance. It will decorate your bathroom in an original way because its foliage is in the shape of peas from where its other name, the plant necklace of pearls.

9) The papyrus

This green plant up to 2m in height, is probably the best plant for a bathroom but it requires a permanent wetland. The papyrus should be placed near a window if possible to keep its green color.

10) Bamboo

Like papyrus, the bamboo prefers a constantly wet land but it does not need a lot of light. So it will be perfect for a poorly lit bathroom by natural light.

Note the pollutants most present in a bathroom:

  • Ammonia: cleaning products.
  • Benzene: cleaning products, paints, room fragrances, cigarette smoke.
  • Carbon monoxide: heaters and fireplaces.
  • Formaldehyde: varnish, chipboard furniture, building materials.
  • Toluene: paints, perfumes, deodorants
  • Xylene / trichlorethylene: glues, paints, varnishes, degreasers

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