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I would like to use the rainwater collected in an underground storage facility. It is 3m deep and is located 20m from the first building (electricity). I would like to use it for watering (vegetable garden) which is located 50 m further than the building. What type of pump can I use (characteristics) to have sufficient flow after 3 m height + 20m of pipe (flat) - Pump + 50 m flat. Please specify if the pipe diameter has a consequence and which diameter to use?

Any surface pump (this is the solution that apparently has been retained) raises the water to a height of 8 m. The discharge length is of the order of 50 m without significant loss of load. Regarding the flow, everything depends on your watering needs. By way of example, for non-professional use, the flow rate of a surface pump intended for watering can be of the order of 3 to 6 m3/ h, for a maximum pressure of 4 to 6 bar. The diameter of the pipe is usually 19 or 25 mm.

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