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You plan to tarmac your driveway or yard in order to have a perfect finish to your exterior. Ask for several quotes because the price is specific to each company depending on the service requested. We help you by giving you some pricing estimates.

The price of equipment to be used for tarring

The price for tarring equipment will depend, among other things, on whether your driveway or yard is already prepared at the earthworks level or not (see Covering a bitumen court) but also accessibility to the field.

If the preparation is not done, go to a hardware rental company if you want to do it yourself to save money or contact an earthmoving company that will take care of everything.
During your requests for quotation, the earthworks service is not always included in the price of tarring which explains that you can have rates of single to double. Your quote must also include the price of the machines used for your site if the earthwork is already done.

For earthwork, the professional can you bill in hours, per diem rate, per m3 and manual rate if the land is inaccessible. Rates are quite flexible but count an average of € 70, € 500, € 40 or € 50.
For the rental of equipment for tarring by your own means, it is difficult to estimate because it depends on the type of machine, the duration of the rental, etc.

Raw materials for tarring

The choice of the raw material is an important item in the price. Asphalt in color, the density of it or a tarring concrete or draining asphalt are all features that will give a price more or less per square meter.

The price of asphalt is in an average of 10 to 50 € / m² depending on the type of tarring chosen by placing it yourself.
The larger the area to be tarred, the higher the price, which is logical, but if you look at the price per square meter it should be lower compared to a much smaller area. As prices are not regulated for this type of service, do not hesitate to ask several companies.

You can also see if a tarmac work is underway in your arear: with luck, there will be a surplus of tar and the company will do tarring at a lower price. If the machines are on site, it can be even more beneficial for you.

Call a professional to tarmac your yard

If you are not a confirmed handyman or have never tarred even on a small surface, make a professional call automatically. It is recommended to systematically take the services of an expert for a perfect tar laying. Laying a mix is done with a particular technique and if you miss it, you may have to start all over again and therefore have additional costs.
If your earthwork is already done, count about 25 € more per m² for laying on tariffs quoted in raw materials be an average between 25 and 75 € / m² supply and installation. If the professional needs to do the soil preparation, add about 30 € / m².

For an alley or a courtyard of 20m ², it will cost you about 1 100 € through a professional who will do the preparation of the soil and tarring bitumen black low density, that is to say, not intended for large loads.

You will understand that it is quite difficult to give you a correct price for a tarmac alley or court because there are many parameters that determine the price but we hope that this sheet can already give you an idea on your tarmac project. Nothing is worth an estimate made by professionals for a specific price.

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