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Soon owner of a house, I made queries for the painting. I was very surprised by the prices charged between € 10,000 and € 17,000 (110m2 house). Can you confirm the prices. But in view of the specifications, I am moving towards the purchase of a Wagner Project Pro117 paint spray gun. Can you tell me more and advise me?

The question does not specify whether it is a new house or an old house. If it is an old house, the prices can vary from simple to triple according to the state of the support, of possible wallpapers to be deposited, coatings, conditions of access: scaffolding, stairwells...
it is therefore impossible to answer this question without more precise information. One way to check if this quote is high is to estimate this project by other companies.
Regarding the choice of spray gun: this type of material is ideal for repainting uniformly a room without too many openings, ideally without floor coverings and without too many parts to protect. In an existing room, the need to protect openings, switches, floor coverings and furniture must be taken into account. Note that at Wagner, the latest model (W570 Flexo) dispenses with any dilution, which limits the number of layers to apply.

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