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If you want to start major work on the facade of your house, renting a scaffolding may be necessary to ensure your safety and allow you to go faster. Find out what are the rates for renting a scaffold.

In which cases is the rental of scaffolding necessary?

Scaffolding is a tool that can be useful or even essential for some work, including work on the facade of your home. For example, if your house has several floors, you are planning a deep renovation, you are going to do heavy and complex work or your facade is inaccessible, scaffolding will be essential.

Scaffolding has the added benefit of providing added security and even comfort during the work that affects the facade of your home, and this will allow you to perform them more quickly. Note that scaffolding is only really needed when your work covers the entire facade. SIf this work concerns only a part, you can usually settle for a ladder.

The different types of scaffolding for rent

If you want to rent a scaffolding, know that you will have to choose the type of scaffolding which is the most adapted to the work that you will carry out, because you will have the choice between several different types of scaffolding:

  • Mobile scaffolding that can be moved easily;
  • The scaffolding which can also be moved, but only on smooth surfaces;
  • Folding scaffoldings that bend and unfold as they are mounted and disassembled;
  • Stairs scaffolding which allow to intervene in height on uneven surfaces;
  • Fixed scaffolding the structure of which does not change but can go up as the work progresses.

Please note that the rental rate will vary depending on the type of scaffolding you wish to rent.

Rates for renting a scaffold

First of all, note that you must always request a quote before renting a scaffolding, specifying your needs and the duration of the rental. Similarly, there are several different scaffolds, and the price will necessarily vary depending on the type of scaffolding and the size of the latter.

Thus, if you want a mobile scaffolding, whether it is folding, rolling or staircase, you will have to count a price included on average between 50 € and 150 € the day according to the dimensions.
If you wish to rent mobile scaffolding larger than 70 m², you will need to charge a rate starting at 200 € the day.