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The classic radiator today seems far exceeded by its electric competitors who offer more and more advantages to be installed in our bathrooms. Design, saving energy, saving space, towel rail, everything is possible today.

Which radiator to choose for his bathroom?

Which radiator to choose for his bathroom?

Bathroom, choose between classic radiator and heated towel rail

The classic radiator is no longer popular in bathrooms and leaves room for a competitor who has no shortage of assets, the electric towel radiator.

  • More and more popular, this newcomer combines discretion and space saving with its ultra-thin template. Discreet, we fix it to the wall, which further limits the place he takes in the room.
  • It is also very practical, since it allows to keep a dry cloth and warm, very nice out of the shower or bath.
  • Its design has been largely modernized and now combines practicality and aesthetics, which is lacking conventional radiators.

Be careful though the power of the dryer radiator. This auxiliary heater is not always enough to heat a large bathroom.

Trick: It is possible to connect the local heating of the bathroom to the central heating thanks to the conventional radiators or tumble dryers in "mixed model".

Installation of the bathroom radiator

Electric heaters are therefore in vogue in bathrooms (more efficient, more economical and profitable). However, this type of radiator must be installed in such a way as to respect current safety standards (NF C 15-100).

Indeed, the electric radiator (towel warmer or not) can be installed only at a specific place of the pond.

  • Installation in "volume 2": the device is placed at least 60 cm from the water production area.
  • The bathroom radiator must imperatively be equipped with a double insulation and a protection sheltering it from the ambient humidity.

Another obligation is the cables in the bathroom that supply the radiator with electricity. must be connected to a 30 mA differential circuit breaker.
The latter is placed in the distribution panel to protect the bathroom.

Only a professional will be able to safely install the electric bathroom heater.

Video Instruction: How to choose a heated towel rail or bathroom radiator