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I have to build a 5m floor area extension2 to enlarge a room on the ground floor in my main residence of more than 2 years. I filed a building permit that was accepted. The extension has to enlarge a room on the outside 3,50x2m acolée with the frontage. This work will be carried out by a company that announces me a VAT at 19.6%. A VAT at 7% is it possible?

About the VAT rate of a home extension, according to article 13 of the amended finance law for 2011 n° 2011-1978 of 28 December 2011, you can not claim the benefit of a VAT rate of 7% because the planned works "lead to an addition of construction ". For more details, refer to the precise text regulating the reduced VAT for works carried out in dwellings.

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