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What VAT rate for improvement work?

My house is 30 years old and has a covered terrace where I want to achieve a partial closure on an area of ​​15 m2 (sliding double-glazed doors). Received 2 quotes entitled "supply and installation of a forecourt closure". First quote: VAT 5.5%. 2nd quote: VAT 20%.I think about a rate of 10%. Can you decide between us?

Since the 1st January 2014, the general rate for housing improvement works is 10%. Normally, the reduced rate of 5.5%, foreseen for thermal improvement works, must be applicable to this estimate, which provides for the installation of double glazed sliding doors, products eligible for 5.5% VAT. Of course, this "covered terrace" must already be closed by glazing, otherwise it is not an integral part of the house (the VAT would then be 10%, or even 20% if not was not a living area).

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