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What recourse against the manufacturer (Phoenix) following cracks in the facade?

I had a Phenix house built in 2008, two years after cracks appeared on the exterior walls at the junction points of concrete panels, apparent cracks on facade cladding. The experts (ten-year guarantee) considered that this did not affect the waterproofing. I wrote to the controller Geoxia and Phoenix without answer. What steps must be taken to obtain that the latter remakes the facade or compensates. The problem of cracks has worsened since then on all facades and from top to bottom. Different approaches have come to nothing.

The problem of cracking facades is known and classic on metal framed houses and concrete panels. To hope to get from the builder a crack repair under the ten-year warranty, via the damage-work warranty, these cracks must be through and lead to risks of infitration which would make the property "unsuitable for its purpose", ie for normal use.
Although these cracks are not normal, insurers such as builders and even experts, too often hide behind this conclusion of "only aesthetic defect". This being so, the case law is clear and considers that this type of defect must be taken care of in this respect. Check my answer on this in the site.
You will certainly need the services of a lawyer. Also call your own expert.

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