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I built 6 years ago and my tile is cracking on the floor in some places. When building the liquid screed put on the slab cracked because of heat, drying too fast. The tilers told me it's nothing! We put you a glue to consolidate and it will not move. Now the tiles are cracking and the tiler does not want to intervene. My question: is there a solution for the tiles to crack, take off and replace? And how to make the tiler come to make repairs?

It looks like your tile has been glued and unsealed. This detail is important in the light of the law because the disorders in this case are a priori excluded from the field of the decennial, so insurance damage-book.
Tell your tiler that there has been poor workmanship and you will go to the district court (free procedure does not require a lawyer). This should make him think about offering you an amicable solution.

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