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Hello to you and especially thank you for the valuable advice you give us. I have, thanks to one of them, been able to advance recommended left unanswered with my builder (Article 1792CC). Indeed, from March 2011 (handing over the keys in October 2010), I informed the builder of infiltrations on the entire garage (on the garage / kitchen length). After several rounds of A / R and unanswered on his part and finally I threatened him with an expertise to his charge, he intervened to arrange the "asphalt shingle" on the roof. In April 2014, with thunderstorms and heavy rains, again, infiltrations appeared at the same place. Re-belote (mail A / R, threat of Article 1792CC), the manufacturer will intervene Tuesday, September 17, 2014. I would like your advice: after the intervention, when I delivered the intervention, what (s) ) reserves (s) do I have to relate to the good (reserves... due to the consequent delay of intervention and especially to the repeated infiltrations which could have damaged the wall (side garage: block, side kitchen: "Placo")?

After a repair of a part of the building covered by the ten-year guarantee, you can normally reserve only on the works themselves, made to resolve the disorder. If any collateral damage has occurred you should have indicated it at the time of the formal notice which allowed the restoration. Nothing prevents you, however, to relate to the reception PV "subject to the consequences on other parts of the building related to disorders covered by the repair of the waterproofness of the terrace, object of the current repair".

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