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I am currently building a bungalow with convertible attic. I just put the type of farmhouse and I wonder what type of screen under roof I can install? My goal is to avoid strong temperature increases in the attic. I was offered for the moment the Skytec screen from Winco but very expensive for an unproven efficiency. What do you think? Do you have other effective solutions? I was also told about a screen called Actipro but I have no information about this product.

A priori, the use of farmhouses is not compatible with a convertible atticexcept if these trusses are positioned above sufficiently high vertical parts, but in this case, a ceiling under the farmhouses.
That being said, a under-roof screen, whatever its qualities, influences very little the comfort of summer. The heat resistance will be obtained by the laying of insulators sufficiently thick and dense, the density providing virtues of phase shift, which allow to shift in time the arrival of heat in the attic. From this perspective, wood wool is considered to be particularly successful.
Nevertheless, regardless of the quality of the insulation and its performance in terms of phase shift, attics always end up being uncomfortable in case of prolonged heat wave. In warmer climates, only an air conditioning can comfortably pass these prolonged heat spikes.

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