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Every Saturday I listen to your program and I take the opportunity to ask you what to think of power reduction systems (up to -20%), as claimed in this email that I received: " Hello, You have often wondered if your electricity bill will increase and how to make it drop? But you who are a customer of EdF or another distributor, did you know that every month you could save from 15% to 20% on the totality of your actual electricity consumption * with ECODEL consumption reducers - all without changing your habits, without cutting down your devices on standby, without complicated and expensive installation and, above all, without changing supplier. To find out why and how to see the efficiency of our reducers visit our site. * In addition to your actual consumption, you pay for electricity that you do not use, all because the network voltage is not not stabl e) The network is experiencing continual voltage fluctuations, which affect the kW consumed, unnecessarily increasing your electricity bills and decreasing the life of your appliances and (expensive) light bulbs (source: CRE, Energy Regulation Commission). ECODEL Power Reducing Voltage Stabilizers are designed to reduce power consumption and stabilize grid voltage. Their principle is patented. They make it possible to avoid disturbances related to voltage regulation and thus save money. "Thank you in advance for your reply Jean-Claude BASSIVIERE 69 Caluire jcb[email protected]

I have not tested this kind of device. It should be noted that the manufacturers of these accessories do not communicate with the specialized press. The advertising texts found on their websites are mostly obsolete and do not stand up to serious scientific and technical analysis. The forums are full of comments on this subject with intensive intervention of ditributeurs of these materials to praise. The notion, for example, of "voltage stabilizer / consumption reducer" cited by the brand you mention does not correspond to any known device. It is a question of "patented" systems without a precise reference to said patent. There is also talk of compliance with "standard European electrical standards approved and approved CE", which is a jargon and syntax very approximate, knowing, moreover, that the CE marking is, at best, only a marketing authorization and in no case a normative certification.
And a question arises: if this kind of material was so effective, why the big brands of the market as Legrand, Schneider or Debflex would not distibute them?

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