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To save space in a teen room, the sofa bed is ideal. In addition, it allows your teen to enjoy a nice sitting day and have a good bed at night. But among all the models presented in shop or on the internet, how to make the right choice?

Which sofa bed to choose for a teenager's room?

Which sofa bed to choose for a teenager's room?

The different types of sofa bed

If at first glance, they all look more or less alike, yet they are technically very different.

  • The sofa bed or convertible sofa: The bed is independent of the seat. Like a real bed, it has a mattress and a mattress that are folded under the seat.
  • The sofa bed: The mattress is used for sleeping and sitting. If the mattress is folded in half, it is a sofa bed and the bed is parallel to the wall. If it is folded in three, it is a BZ and the bed is perpendicular to the wall in the same direction as the seat.

For a teenager's room, the bench takes up less space and unfolds very easily. The sofa bed is more bulky than the bench and especially, it is often necessary to remove the cousins ​​of the seat to access the bed, unless you choose a reversal system.
Among the seats, the sofa bed offers a more generous seat but, unfolded it also takes more space. And conversely for the BZ which is smaller but the seat is smaller.

The criteria for choosing a good sofa bed

The sofa bed must fit your teen's room and provide a comfortable sleeping. To make the right choice, you must consider a number of criteria:

  • The dimensions of the sofa bed: measure precisely the space you have without forgetting that the sofa unfolds! Before your purchase, pay attention to the dimensions mentioned on the different models: dimensions in folded position and / or unfolded.
    To gain a little space if needed, consider favoring small furniture on wheels around the sofa bed.
  • The opening direction of the sofa bed: depending on the configuration of the room an opening parallel to the wall (clic-clac) or perpendicular (BZ or convertible sofa) will be more appropriate.
  • The comfort of the sofa bed: the sofa bed is more comfortable than the bench. It has more armrests. But in a teenager's room, it will be more bulky.
  • The sleeping comfort: It is important that you choose a good mattress thick enough. In a teenage room, it is not an extra bed but a bed every day. Today, the biggest brands of bedding offer mattresses adapted to the sofa bed that allow to sleep as well as in a classic bed.
  • The opening systemIt must be simple, easy to use and solid. In this respect, the clic-clac and BZ are very easy to unfold. The convertible sofa with a reversing opening system is also an interesting solution. But eliminate, the sofa that you need every night to remove the cushions of the seat to unfold the bed.
  • Storage: some models have a chest under the seat. This is the perfect place to slip pillows and duvet during the day. Do not neglect the importance, everyday, of this storage space.
  • Design: The covers of the sofa bed and BZ offers a wide range of decoration, from classic to more colorful. They can, moreover, be removed to be washed. The convertible sofa is more classic and harder to clean.
  • The price: The click-clack is the cheapest of all. The first prices are around 2 to 300 €. the BZ is a little more expensive. The convertible sofa costs the price of a sofa! Besides the design, it is the quality of the mattress that will also make the difference. But for your teen's sleep, do not skimp on the comfort of the mattress...

Did you know? Came from Japan, the futon can also find its place in a teenager's room. It's even the ultimate space saving solution, since traditionally every morning the futon was rolled up. At home, it is often presented on a wooden frame, foldable.

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