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I have heard you several times on the subject of external insulation with the Myral system and my question is very technical: the local representative could not answer me about the dew point? I want to isolate my home frame wood type Cofra (evolutionary home at the time). The exterior is composed of a coating of CTBX panels with plaster, from 1980. During an inspection, I noticed a small crack and saw a small gray mushroom. I immediately scratched the plaster, removed everything that seemed to me damaged and treated with a fungicide. That's why I worry about this Myral panel. I would not want to lock in this dew point and make everything go away! Thank you for the information you can glean from Myral engineers.

The Myral system is composed of resistant and very durable elements. The implementation is simple and fast. The entire clothing is perfectly waterproof. Wood frame construction that has or has had moisture and mold problems should be treated with caution. Make sure, first, that any overgrowth of mold or fungus is stopped. See if it is not meriller, in which case appropriate emergency treatment would be required. The Myral system is compatible with wood frame houses, provided that the issue of the vapor barrier is carefully addressed. intelligence taken, the company has specific software to analyze the dew point.
And as always when making the envelope waterproof, it is necessary to implement an effective VMC to ensure the renewal of air and prevent the risk of moisture saturations and therefore condensation.

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