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I am going to make a liquid screed in my garage by the company Technisol (TEXOL-KNAUF chappe). On the other hand, I am afraid that winter and melting of snow will attack the chappe with salt. Does this type of screed fear salt? or not and if so how to protect it. The painting pro tell me that it does not hold on the chaps.

It is not so much salt that can cause problems with this type of screed, but rather the risk of moisture recovery. Indeed, these so-called "anhydride" screeds, can deform in the presence of water. CSTB (scientific and technical center of the building), specifies moreover, in the technical opinion delivered for this product: "because of the sensitivity to water of the calcium sulphate of the TEXOL-KNAUF fluid screed, it does not there must be no risk of rising moisture on the underside or water infiltration from the surface. For a garage, a cement-based screed seems more suitable.

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