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In the near future of the renovation of my "central heating" part of my house, I am thinking about what type of radiator to choose. Cast iron, steel or aluminum knowing that all of my piping currently copper will be replaced by a multilayer installation. All connected to my boiler from a starting feeder and an arrival. What do you think? What do you recommend?

It all depends on the type of boiler, the surface of your home and your current insulation.
in a general way we can emphasize the following pints:
- traditional cast iron radiators: they are bulky, often unattractive, but they heat well and restore heat long enough after the boiler stops. they are cheap.
- steel radiator. They rise quickly in temperature but redesende just as quickly. They are light and available in all sizes, shapes and colors. They are also much more expensive.
- Cast aluminum radiators: they are very close to the previous ones. They are often very deco.
Remember to choose a pipe class that is compatible with the temperature of the water coming out of your boiler (class 5 for high temperature radiator). Whichever radiators you choose have a control system installed on your boiler (sensor, room thermostat and programming) you will get better comfort and reduce your bill.

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