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What to do to sell an apartment

If you want to take care of selling an apartment yourself, here are some tips for making this deal.

If you want to deal yourself to sell an apartment to reduce the agency fees that vary greatly depending on the city, find below some tips for success in this transaction: steps required by law and those to undertake for a sale fast of your apartment.

Compulsory real estate diagnostics to sell an apartment

To avoid being held responsible for any hidden defects once your apartment has been sold, you must take care, before the sale, to have the mandatory diagnoses done by approved diagnostic professionals whose price generally varies according to the size of the unit..

  • DPE or Energy Performance Diagnosis: valid for 10 years, this diagnosis lists the property according to the amount of energy and greenhouse gases it consumes and releases in one of the 7 classes provided for by law. Ratings range from A to G, with G being the most energy-hungry category. Price between 90 and 140 Euros.
  • Gas and Electricity Diagnosis: they must be carried out by the seller when the installations are more than 15 years old; validity of the diagnosis: 3 years. Prices around 100 Euros.
  • Diagnosis Lead: to be done by the seller only if the house was built before January 1949. Price: very variable, from 100 to 230 Euros.
  • Asbestos Diagnosis: this diagnosis has an unlimited duration and only concerns dwellings that were built before July 1997. Price: between 80 and 140 Euros.
  • Diagnosis Termites: a prefectural decree defines the areas at risk available for consultation in weddings that require a termite diagnosis with a validity of 3 months. Price: between 70 and 90 Euros.
  • Diagnosis State of Natural and Technological Risks: still a diagnosis which only concerns housing dwellings in risk areas (earthquakes, floods, etc.) as defined by prefectoral order; validity: 6 months. Price: around 20 Euros.
  • Carrez Law Diagnosis: diagnosis of an unlimited validity that testifies to the surface of the good. Prices around 80 Euros.

There are complete diagnostic packs that are advantageous, around 400 €, inquire.

Even if it is not obligatory when selling a house or an apartment to call on a professional (lawyer, notary, real estate agent) when signing the promise or the sales agreement, we recommend you Given the complexity of the transaction, use its skills for a careful reading to avoid possible setbacks, especially if you want to insert special conditions. For the final signature of the sale of the apartment, the use of a professional is mandatory.

Which media to choose to sell an apartment?

In front of the plethora of real estate websites to sell a property, you are spoiled for choice. However it is useless to put ads all over the place, it is much more judicious to choose the qualitative sites: visibility on the search engines, quality of the announcement at the level of the text but also visuals.

There are enough free quality sites to give you first pay ads. Also use social networks, easy apps to create your own mini-site, talk to friends and friends of your friends, even posters in your neighborhood.

Latest tips for selling an apartment

Putting the odds on one's side to arrive at a quick apartment sale is to be very available both in terms of the schedule and the state of mind. This is a project that can be complicated and challenging, which needs to be in good shape. If this is not the case, leave the job to a professional, a real estate agency or better a real estate agent whose fees are often lower even if the current housing market sluggish tends to reduce agency fees especially when l we know how to negotiate.

The right estimate of the value of an apartment is an important element for selling quickly: the surface is not the only criterion and the value of apartments that look identical in the same street can vary greatly.

The mistake not to commit for a quick sale is to overstate the price of an apartment. Many visits that are not followed by offers of purchase or counter-proposals should put you in the ear and lead you to reevaluate the price of the good, unless of course you're not in a hurry to sell. If there is a market price, there is especially a reality: buyers are looking for apartments with terrace, good orientation, limited noise, proximity to public transport and shops.

When the sale is late, a solution to improve your apartment and make it more "attractive" to potential buyers: Home Staging. An art that is for a professional decorator to make your property more sexy and in tune with the times with a minimum of expenses.

Your choice is made, you deal with the transaction: then prepare to meet the expectations, concerns, questions, ever more pressing questions of buyers wanting to be reassured about their purchase, to make visit on visit, but the game is worth candle no?

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