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What you need to know to succeed in your energy renovation

To reduce the costs associated with your energy consumption, an energy renovation of your property may be necessary. Ecological and economic, these works are not necessarily tedious or very expensive. To achieve them in the best conditions, here are some useful tips.

Solicit a professional to carry out your thermal evaluation

Many criteria come into play to evaluate the thermal qualities and defects of your property. Only a professional of the sector will be able to estimate the thermal capacities of your good and what improvements are necessary to optimize them. The type of heating, the quality of the insulation, the modalities of air circulation, the efficiency of the equipment and the needs of the inhabitants are all factors that this adviser will have to take into account at home. Know that most professionals use software. Some are certified by building experts and others not. Learn about the methods and tools used by your provider, before making an appointment with him. Finally, be aware that the thermal evaluation and the Energy Performance Diagnosis (EPD), intended to assess the energy consumption and the impact in terms of greenhouse gas emissions of your property, are not the same. thing. Indeed, the DPE will not take into account the energy behaviors of the occupants, where the thermal evaluation will be carried out precisely according to your real needs.

Choose your work

Once the thermal evaluation is done, the expert will certainly suggest different types of work. Designed to improve the performance of your property, this work will affect several specificities of your home. Be aware, however, that insulation work is considered the most efficient in terms of energy savings. And to make sure that this work will be done well. Feel free to turn to professionals RGE (recognized guarantor environment) listed by many official organizations. Appealing to RGE companies is essential if you wish to benefit from state aid. Otherwise, the various fiscal aids will not be allocated to you, even if the work is done and done well!

Explore financing solutions

What you need to know to succeed in your energy renovation: need

The financing of your work can be partly supported by state aid. Several grants, such as the zero interest eco-loan or the energy transition tax credit (ISCED), can be granted to you. To find out all you need to know about your future provider and the websites of experts and institutional organizations, such as Rénovation Info Service //

Choose your provider

Once the assessment, the work to be undertaken and the financing arrangements clarified, you will have to find the right partner for your project. This rare pearl deserves that you spend a little time to select it. To do this, do not hesitate to ask for quotes. At least three remains a suitable goal. Do not forget to ask your future provider, if he is a member of the network RGE, and as for each time a professional intervenes at your home, if he has adequate insurance.

Prepare the work

Once the date of the work stopped, do not wait the day before to organize yourself. Some parts may be less livable, even unbearable during construction. It will be wise to empty them to the maximum of objects and furniture that clutter them or that could be damaged. By facilitating the life of the workers, you will facilitate yours too!

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