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I have a bit of foam on my roof and my neighbors advise me a defoaming and water repellent tile. I would like to know from when can we consider that a roof needs to be really cleaned? In your answer to the "roaming scam" question, you advised to take care of your roof when it is really necessary, rather than responding to the requests of the "companies" and that seems to me wise.

Indeed, it must always be borne in mind that people who come to work at home do not always do it in the interest of individuals. Some "specialists" of demossing, of the'waterproofing tiles and others structural treatments crisscross the roads of France in white vans without a distinctive mark. That being said, over time, the covers may end up getting covered with foams and of lichens. Generally, the problem is mostly aesthetic, but when the foams grow excessively, they may end up behaving like sponges, water infiltration between tiles or slates. But these are extreme cases.
De-foaming becomes necessary when the foams begin to thicken and occupy relatively large areas. These developments are often more important roof slopes exposed to the North and East. A water repellent treatment only necessary if the porosity of the tiles is proven (that is, when the water passes through them), which is often a sign that the tiles must be... changed.

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