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Wash bath towels

It is essential that bath towels stay clean. Indeed, it is useless to wash if it is then necessary to wipe with towels infested with bacteria. Do not wait until the towels smell bad to replace them. How often do they need to be changed? Here are the answers!

When should the towels be washed?

Because of perspiration, makeup residues, hair... Bath towels get dirty very quickly and are favorable places to proliferation of bacteria. It is therefore essential to change them regularly. Indeed, bacteria from dirty towels can be deposited on wounds and then infect them. In addition, infested towels can cause irritation to the skin, hair or eyes.

Bath towels are washed every three days while towels that are used to wipe their hands change every other day. The Wash cloths wash after each use.

In addition to regular washing of a minimum of twice a week, towels should be allowed to air dry after each use. Indeed, bacteria proliferate rapidly in wetlands.

Although it is not possible to completely eradicate bacteria, it is possible to eliminate a large number of bacteria by washing them. bath towels at 60° C. It is not necessary to boil them, at the risk of damaging the fibers. In contrast, a glass of vinegar added to the wash water is effective for sanitizing and softening the fibers. With this eco-friendly and economical tip, the linens will be cleaned and maintained properly.

Tips for clean bath towels

After each use, bath towels must be lying on a towel rail so that they dry as quickly as possible. Avoid placing them in a ball in a basket or on the ground, because they will dry less quickly and allow the bacteria to proliferate.

In addition to replacing towels every two or three days, it is also important toaerate suitably the bathroom and fight the mildew that develops there.

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