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You have decided to opt for surveillance cameras to ensure your safety and you do not know where to install them? DuitDesign guides you to install your surveillance cameras in an efficient way, while respecting the legislation in force.

Where should I install my surveillance cameras?

Where should I install my surveillance cameras?

Where to install my surveillance cameras for optimal use?

The installation of your surveillance cameras must be done according to criteria of effectiveness. Indeed, it is important that a camera be installed in a place that allows to visualize the area concerned. To do this, choose a location in height. The angle of a room is particularly indicated: it allows to have an overview of the area to watch.

Place your camera on a shelf, or fix it to the wall. In any case, try to ensure that the installation is as unobtrusive as possible, so that it is less easily identifiable and that the camera can not be cut by people with bad intentions.

Also protect your camera from atmospheric variations: the sun's rays prevent good visibility. The camera must also be protected from rain and frost. Finally, make sure that the camera is not very far from its receiver: the walls can affect the transmission of data.

Legislation on the installation of surveillance cameras

The location where you install your surveillance camera is subject to the law, especially with respect to your neighbors, bystanders and all persons traveling to your home.

Important points to remember:

  • It is you forbidden to film outside of your property. You can film the interior of your home, your garden, etc. However, you are not allowed to film the public road, even if it is to monitor your vehicle parked near your home.
  • It is forbidden to film at your neighbors.
  • You are required to respect the right to the image people who come to your home. In addition, if you call on a housekeeper, he / she must be informed of the presence of a surveillance device. The cameras will not be able to permanently film this person in the exercise of his profession.

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