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The heat pump is a valuable heating solution for saving energy, but it is also a major investment. Also, there are many commercial offers in this area, and it is not always easy to know how to make the right choice. Where to buy a heat pump? Explanations.

Buy a heat pump in supermarkets

Almost anything can be bought in supermarkets, the heat pump is no exception to the rule and is sold in DIY stores or through web-merchants.

If some individuals are tempted to make this choice to reduce the cost of such a purchase, they are recommended to act with extreme caution, for various reasons.

First of all, the range of products offered, as well as the advice to select the best suited, are very limited. Then, even if the price seems more advantageous at the beginning, it can finally climb with the possible expenses of delivery, the accessory parts, and finally the installation by a professional. This last point is also fundamental since the installation of a heat pump must imperatively be operated by a specialist, especially for reasons of safety and taking into account guarantees and insurance in case of failures.

Buy a heat pump from a specialized professional

In view of the above mentioned elements, the purchase of a heat pump froma professional manufacturer or heating engineer is the best solution; these two types of specialists work for the most part in close collaboration in order to provide a global offer to individuals.

In addition to the supply of the equipment and its installation, they accompany the customers from A to Z to carry out their project: technical study and feasibility, assistance to legal procedures depending on the case (building permit or declaration of works)... They ensure also device maintenance which constitutes a regulatory obligation if the power of the latter is greater than 12 kW (a regular maintenance of the CAP is in any case strongly recommended).

However, it is not easy to find the right professional. In addition, there are various benchmarks that individuals can rely on, including mark «NF - Heat pump "Which is synonymous with quality and performance of equipment, or" Ecolabel Heat Pump "in the same line, and finally the QualiPAC label that allows to use a certified installer meeting a number of requirements controlled.

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