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Before buying a stove, it is essential to determine exactly where to install this stove. This choice is crucial, and should not be done lightly. Because it is not enough to find the first location to come: it must ensure that this location ensures secure use, and optimal heating of the home.

Where to install a heating stove for safe use?

A good location for a heating stove? The one that guarantees a safe use. And yes, a wood stove is a heater that stores heat and reaches very high temperatures. And who can be dangerous if we do not respect these points:

  • This is common sense, but when you install a heater, be careful not to place it near any combustible material (wallpaper, carpet...). Obviously to prevent any risk of fire.
  • If you install a heating stove on flammable floor, it is essential to place under the stove a protection plate. And of course, the closer the stove is to the ground, the thicker the plate will be.
  • So that the use of the heater is safe for children: care is taken to ensure that all parts that can reach very high temperatures can be burned.

Where to install a heating stove for optimum heating?

Security is the foundation. But it would be wrong to believe that it is only according to this that we will choose where to install a stove. To be able to take advantage of its heat and that it spreads well throughout the house, it must take a few factors into account, such as:

  • The parts to heat. Ideally, the stove is placed in the room to be heated, or near the rooms to be heated. And for optimal heat diffusion, it is placed in the center of the room. And if you have to heat up some rooms that are upstairs, you bring the stove closer to the stairs.
  • The ducts. This stove, it will have to connect it to a flue. And the, 2 case: either this duct already exists, and not the choice, we place the stove next. Either this conduit does not exist, it will have to think about its location. By taking care to comply with the regulations in force, and to create a straight duct without too much deviation so as not to lose in print and in performance.
  • The arrival of air. To operate, a heating stove consumes air. If the room in which one installs the stove is not sufficiently ventilated, the house will be quickly in depression (the pressure of the air inside will be lower than that of the outside). Which generates air currents and drafts of the most unpleasant.

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