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If for some, the Christmas tree is to be banned from December 26, others prefer to prolong the magic of Christmas longer and keep it until the end of January. But in any case, these pretty "forest kings" are forced one day or another to be abandoned... If your plastic tree remains resistant over the years, the real trees, they always end up making it soul. But where and how to get rid of it?

Where to throw his Christmas tree?

Where to throw his Christmas tree?

Throw your christmas tree: do not do it!

It is forbidden to leave your tree on the sidewalk. Moreover, anyone leaving his tree in the street is liable to a minimum fine of 1st class (38 euros) for "wild deposit" in the public area.

Where to put down your Christmas tree after the holidays?

Christmas tree is a biodegradable waste. It is not considered a "bulky" but as a " green waste ". So you can drop your tree into a dump or ecopoint, near a dedicated container for this purpose.

Filed in Ecopoint, the fir will be sent, like the rest of the green waste, to a processing platform. It will be partly composted and crushed to enhance other sectors, such as agriculture for example.

If you deposit it in a dump, you have to remove from his fir bag which is not compostable, and the tree must be totally bare (without paint, Christmas balls or other decorations).

"Christmas tree" devices according to the cities

Some cities or towns offer solutions that vary depending on the year. The municipalities set up areas dedicated to collecting fir trees with containers or they themselves organize a collection of natural trees without decoration or painting of course. Before throwing out a Christmas tree, it is important to find out from the town hall.

If dump sites are always a solution, some nursery also propose to collect the fir trees to make compost.

It is therefore advisable to inquire about the collection points set up by your city. However, we must act quickly enough since the collections are usually completed in mid-January.

Other solutions to recycle your Christmas tree...

If your tree still has roots, you can plant in your garden. In a few years, perhaps, it will proudly adorn your exterior. Be careful, however, because you have to maintain it well keep your tree during the holiday season. The potted tree must not be placed in a place that is too hot, and its thorns must be misted. At the end of the holidays, take it out gradually because it will not support a too big change of temperature ?!

Also know that your tree can bring you back. Some specialty stores or garden centers offer recover the trees in exchange for vouchers.

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