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Whitish traces of saltpetre on the walls

Saltpeter is a whitish deposit consisting mainly of nitrates, which is preferably grown at the bottom of damp walls. Before the elimination of this nuisance, we must first find the causes of the presence of saltpetre and repair the source of infiltration. Ancient buildings, which have housed animals, can also bring out these characteristic efflorescences, if they are transformed without special precautions (treatment and insulation), in housing. These resurgences can occur under the effect of heat when these buildings are heated.


  1. Use of an anti-mold
  2. Use of an anti-saltpeter treatment

Use of an anti-mold

Use of an anti-mold

In which case use this anti-mold:
Curative and preventive treatment to eliminate all molds durably and delay their reappearance on all supports, interior and exterior walls.
Advantages of anti-mold:
Fast action (effortless)
Ready to use, easy to use
Penetrates in depth
Effective up to 6 months
Can be used on tile and sanitary gaskets, on wood, plaster, painted or vinyl wallpaper surfaces, on shower curtains, on walls.

Use of an anti-saltpeter treatment

Use of an anti-saltpeter treatment

In which case use this anti-saltpetre:
Preventive and curative treatment of exterior and interior walls degraded by saltpetre.
Preserves durably the materials of the deteriorations related to weather and frost (crumblings, breaks, mosses and molds).
For the renovation of all the walls.

Whitish traces of saltpetre on the walls: saltpetre

Advantages of anti-saltpetre:
Waterproofing, bactericidal, anti-mold.
Microporous: lets breathe the support.
Applicable on wet surfaces but not dripping.
Exterior wall and Interior.
Blocks up salt that in contact with the air turns into whitish traces.
Protects wall bottoms from damage due to splashing water or frost (bursting, swelling).

Whitish traces of saltpetre on the walls: walls

All exterior and interior materials wet but not cracked building.

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